PathFinder by Angie Sage

The Book that Sparked My ImagiNation is: PathFinder by Angie Sage

 I give this book a 9/10. It is set in the same world as septimus heap (also by Angie Sage). Tod , a tomboy from the PathFinder tribe lives with her father and mean aunt who seems to have a plan up her sleeve. Tod meets with someone who helps to foil the problem, and Tod is sent to for more help… I won’t spoil more. I think this book is great as it is an exciting tale of courage and bravery, with people standing against the forces of evil. It also shows a door into the mysterious world of magyk and all that it entails, definitely a good book to read

 Ziji, Sudbury, Suffolk

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  1. The Septimus Heap books are fab and I hope you enjoy the next one in the series.

  2. carolynsouthgate

    Great review Ziji, and you have set the scene perfectly! I’ll have to read the book now.

  3. Your review has sparked my curiosity so I have added this to my reading list – thanks Ziji

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