Design Process

Hi! My name is Katie Kennedy and I am the designer who was been working on the ImagiNation log with the group of young people at The Forum in Southend.

Since our fabulous workshops in December I have been working towards taking everyone’s ideas and artwork and turning them into the 2015 log book.

In order to turn pencil drawings and ideas into something that you can take to the printers there are several steps that you have to take, so here’s what I’ve been doing…

1) Planning


Planning where pages are going and what the content will be is really important. I start with drawing it out really quickly as above. We had decided most things at the workshops but I like to have it all down so I can see it.

I then set up a file on my computer and set up all the pages like in my drawing.

2) Turning Drawings into Vectors

I take the drawings from the workhop, scan them in, make sure all the lines are clear and tidy and lay them out in the design file. They become vector files which means you can edit them on a drawing programme (change colours etc) and also enlarge them to any size you need.

3) Adding Text, Logos and Backgrounds

I add the text, choose a font and lay it all out as we decided during the workshops. It’s really important that the text is really clear and easy to read. I add a background image or photo and choose the text and drawing colours accordingly. I also need to add logos, so space has to be kept aside for these.

4) See What It Looks Like…

Well you will have to wait and see for this one as it’s not quite finished yet but keep checking back here to find out more…!


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