Southend gets creative for ImagiNation 2015

Southend Libraries are incredibly happy  to have the responsibility of helping to design ImagiNation 2015. It gives us another opportunity to showcase the amazing imaginations, talent, enthusiasm and commitment of the young people of Southend. The group shown in these photos devoted two Saturdays in December to work with the brilliant Katie Kennedy to design the new offer for next year’s reading and arts scheme and we hope you will all love what they have come up with. The photos don’t really do justice to how much fun was had (my fault not theirs…) or to the brilliant ideas that they created.

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The character Godd (as in Todd, part man, part owl, part butterfly and part wrinkle!! I kid you not..) will not be making an appearance but as he was with us I thought he was worth showing you and the turkey below is also unlikely to make it through Christmas I suspect……

11 Let the games begin as I believe they say 🙂

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