Design Workshop 2

My name is Katie Kennedy, I am a graphic designer based in Essex. I have been working with a group of young people at The Forum to help them write and design the Summer 2015 ImagiNation Log.

We met for the second time last Saturday. During our initial session, the group had come up with the front cover, layout, challenge and activities that would make up the 2015 booklet.

We went over the format one more time and I suggested it might be quite useful to undertake some market research around the library to get some feedback on their ideas so we could make them even better.

One group went off to research, one group worked on the final layout of the front cover and the other group designed the activities pages instructions and layouts.

We all came back together to regroup and amended ideas slightly to take into consideration some really useful feedback given to the group from members of the public.

After this stage, with some changes, we felt we had the ideas and the layout all done, it was time to learn about the process of taking ideas and making them into something that would have to be designed on a computer and then professionally printed. We looked at how a pencil drawing is translated into a vector drawing and then translated into a layout with text, background, colour and depth over 7 stages.

It was the group’s job to get all the drawings done for the log in an hour and a half! Not an easy task but they rose to the challenge and produced some fantastic work and brilliant ideas.

They looked into pantone colours, fonts, layers for backgrounds, text for instructions and placement of logos.

By the end of the workshop, all the work was put together to see what we had achieved and it looked great! The work they created will be put together by me and saved in a format that can be printed up for hundreds, if not thousands of young people to enjoy next summer.

We hope you enjoy it!

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