Lights…Camera…Action!! In Thurrock Libraries

This was the first of our workshops to become fully booked and it was easy to see why. It was a complete hat! I mean hit!!

We held this workshop at both Corringham and Grays Library and were joined by 20 young people. Sara Grundy, a professional milliner, led the workshop. Sara started by talking through different styles of hats and how they are made. She explained what a milliner does and the processes of ordering and designing a hat, right through to making it. Everyone was impressed when Sara said she works on film sets!  Sara brought along some hats she had made to inspire us to create something fantastic when it was our turn!

 Sara handed out huge sheets of paper and helped everyone to design a costume inspired by their favourite book or for a favourite character. The outfits were then finished off by designing a hat and accessories.


Everyone was fitted with a plain long black hat, which caused lots of giggles as we all looked quite silly with them on. Then it was time to make the drawings come to life by creating our very own hat. Armed with scissors, sequins, netting and some very very sticky glue, slowly the hats started to take shape and transform into 20 very different designs. You certainly wouldn’t know they all started life as the same hat!

 IMG_20140723_155345 IMG_20140723_153120IMG_20140724_170111 IMG_20140724_162635 IMG_20140724_162656 IMG_20140724_163819 IMG_20140724_163829 IMG_20140724_163838

Each one of the 20 hats created were unique, as you can see from our pictures. They ranged from a werewolf, toothless the dragon, a knight, even a tea cup!! Cat’s ears were also a very popular choice to add onto a hat.

Sara helped as we created by explaining different techniques and materials that we could use to make our hats stand out and match our designs. She told us the right shape to cut our cat ears to make them prick up when on the hat, how to create ruffles from the netting, how to shape our hats!

IMG_20140723_172930 IMG_20140723_160217 IMG_20140723_171750 IMG_20140723_171802 IMG_20140723_172018 IMG_20140723_172157 IMG_20140723_172228 IMG_20140723_172234 IMG_20140723_172829


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IMG_20140724_184904 IMG_20140724_184924 IMG_20140724_173427 IMG_20140724_173551 IMG_20140724_173637 IMG_20140724_173705 IMG_20140724_183618 IMG_20140724_184517 IMG_20140724_184631 IMG_20140724_184640 IMG_20140724_184649 IMG_20140724_184654 IMG_20140724_184750 IMG_20140724_184803 IMG_20140724_184818 IMG_20140724_184827 IMG_20140724_184834 IMG_20140724_184843

Everyone was in agreement that they had enjoyed the workshop and were very proud of their creations.


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