The ImagiNators present The StoryFixers

Made by young people who dared to enter the ‘forbidden’ seventh floor stack, The StoryFixers is a Full House Theatre Production and was filmed at Luton Central Library.  

It features Lara, Yasmin, Xavier, Arnav and Jodan, with Amy, Emma and David providing behind the scenes support – from technical direction to makeup.  

Jordan: There’s also a lovely director called Lydia.  She helped us with our lines and watched us perform our lines in front of the film crew.

You can also watch the film on Luton Libraries Facebook page by clicking here.

Filmed over four days, it went a little like this:

Monday – We got to know each other.  We then came up with story.

Tuesday – Jordan came (that was a bad thing, not)

Wednesday – rehearsal

Thursday – we got to see the hi tech equ

Yazmin: I think this whole week has been amazing where we really got to express ourselves and do what we really love.  It has definitely been the best thing I have ever done and I really want to do another thing like this again.  Everyone who have come in have been really good and known what they are doing really well.   Lydia has been the best and has helped us all the way through this workshop.  Thank you everyone who have organised this!


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