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Thomas has written a story inspired by I Funny, a book that he has read and art that he has seen. I Funny

Chapter 1        Beginning

Here I am, about to launch me and my wheelchair up this 50 ft ramp in the Ukraine competitions trying to achieve the 2 hardest things I have ever done, a back flip and make my family proud. I bet you are wondering how I got in this stupid wheelchair anyway.

It started when I was 14 that was 12 years ago (today actually). It all started when I was walking home from school I took a shortcut down an alley. I was just about to walk through the exit of the alley and then I heard a scream “aaaaahhhhhggggg!”

I went to go and see what the noise was I reach the place where the noise was coming from and only to find out it was my mother crying for help after her being stabbed and robbed of all her personal belongings I ran in fear of what I saw.

I ran across a road not looking where I was going. Then all of a sudden SCREECH! Went a lorry as it was trying to brake so that it didn’t hit me but it was to late it had run my legs over and for a second longer I could no longer feel my legs.

Chapter 2            The RUSH

Now I am in my wheelchair after being in that ridiculous hospital for 3 weeks. I mean the only person that respects me out of my 2 brothers, 1 sister, 1 step sister and my stupid step mum. Is my dad as he feels sorry for me as I couldn’t save my mum and he understands how I feel.

Before I was in this wheelchair I use to love riding up and down the ramps with my bike and preforming my sick stunts. So I thought I could use my wheelchair instead of my bike so…

I went to Hardey Park  and I wheeled myself in there believing I can achieve and conquer at least something with this dumb wheelchair. Then off I set up a ramp and do you know what I did a 360!! UNBELIEVABLE!! I just was speechless (and everyone else was as well.) Then I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Chapter 3    Signing up

3 years had past it was my birthday! Amazingly, my brilliant fantastic genius dad got me the best present ever a brand new wheelchair except, he turned it into a stunt wheelchair he also got me a magazine on stunt competition and I found a Paralympic competition that ends each year and starts again and there is one what I can go to in 9 years’ time but it cost 1000 $ entry. (Yes I am American.) so I saved up all my money just for this competition but, the prize is 6.7 billion dollars


Thomas, 12, Corringham , Essex


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  1. Great story Thomas! Well done 🙂

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