Choosing Workshops – South Norfolk

Wymondham Library had previously hosted Radio Training sessions, and they were a definite hit!When it came around to consulting young people here regarding a possible future project only one suggestion came up.

“My friends at school are still talking about it!” was a common response with one 16 year old boy telling us that “the radio training was really good and I had a lot of fun doing it. I liked getting the chance to express my interests and it helped with my speaking skills.” Another girl, aged 16, was disappointed to have missed it last time round as she “really enjoy hearing my own voice!” She added that she “would have loved to get onto the radio. It’s a really good idea, and a good way to get your opinions heard. I wish I took part.”

In Thetford some 13 year old girls, budding journalists, were keen to take part in something to help them with their future desired careers. One was keen on blogging and thought that “radio would be a very good part of this.” With another explaining that “it is something I really want to do as a journalist. It would give me the chance to learn, and my mum really wants me to do it!”

There was a lot of enthusiasm at the local youth club, with lots of young people, both boys and girls aged 13-16, telling us that they “love performing and radio is a great way to express myself!”. One 15 year old boy told us that he “really enjoys writing and radio is a good way to get my writing heard!”.

A volunteer at the club was concerned though, “I will be 20 soon so I hope I can still take part as this would be great!”

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