There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff

There is no dogWhen I first picked up There Is No Dog I thought I was familiar with Meg Rosoff’s unique, bizarre plot lines after reading – and thoroughly enjoying – How I Live Now and The Bride’s Farewell. I was wrong. 

In There Is No Dog, Rosoff tells the story of God as a teenage boy called Bob, who falls in love with Lucy, a beautiful, animal-loving, mortal girl. But Bob’s fallen in love before and every time it has ended with a series of natural disasters to rival Noah’s Ark. From floods to droughts to flying fish – will humankind make it through? 

Rosoff creates fantastic, intricate characters, who you could only wish were real, there’s Mr B, Bob’s assistant; creator of whales; Eck, Bob’s weird, penguin-anteater pet; Mona, Bob’s careless, neglectful mother; and Luke; the worst part of Lucy’s new job at the city zoo. 

I also loved Rosoff’s creation of several different storylines – because it’s not just all about an ancient Deity’s love for a 21-year-old blonde zookeeper – Mr B’s trying to save the whales & deal with world hunger, Eck is trying to avoid being eaten, and Mona, well… she’s trying not to get on the wrong side of Mr Emoto Head – a diety-come-ganster who’s wrapped around his daughter’s finger. 

There Is No Dog deals with topics such as love, family, and is there even a God? As all her books Rosoff makes me wonder – if there is a God, is he just a forgetful teen? Does he really just leave all the work up to Mr B? And even if there is a God, is he going to make the fish fly? 

Because there’s no two ways about it – flying fish would be cool.

Eve, Attleborough Library, Norfolk

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