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My name is Hannah and I’m a part of the ImagiNation group and this is my update as to what has happened so far.  I am already volunteering as a young ambassador for both King’s Lynn and Gaywood libraries, at a meeting a few months back Jim said there would be an opportunity to help out with a project that could get people my age into reading. I thought it sounded great and as I’m passionate about reading I wanted to try and encourage more people my age to take more of an interest. 

After the group was set up we started to think about how we were going to get the word out to young people, so that this would be something that they would want to sign up for. Jim suggested that we start by just maybe talking to people our age and find out what would make them get involved so that we could bring everybody’s different opinions back to the meetings. It was also suggested that we write down comments that might help us when we are doing our planning. 

Here are some of the comments I got when asking what they thought of ImagiNation.

 “ It sounds good but I wouldn’t normally go to the library, is it going to be a hassle to sign up for it?” 

“ I read a lot but I normally just download the books onto my kindle, I spose I could do this over the summer too”

“ yeah I’d be up for that, when is it? 

One of our other jobs was to decide what activity we were going to do for our workshops at the Gaywood Library. We were told that it had to be something to do with the arts so after a discussion at our meeting we narrowed it down to 3, Photography, Dance or Radio. 

We then went out and consulted with people at our schools and asked them which one the thought would be best, I got the chance to ask 50 people at my school and it was the radio training that came out on top. 

After collecting up everyone’s results at our next meeting it was clear that the radio training was the most popular choice, so now we’ve chosen that our next job will be to arrange a meeting with the people who are running the course to plan what we are going to do.

So far I have really enjoyed being a part of the ImagiNation group and I can’t wait to start the next bit which is planning the workshops.

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