Artist Selection in Essex

On Friday 21st February a group of young people from Essex Essex Selection Panel Photo 1Essex Selection Panel Photo 4Essex Selection Panel Photo 6Essex Selection Panel Photo 10 became an arts selection panel!











The young people had select the artists that Essex Libraries will work with over the summer to create arts workshops.

They started by identifying all the different forms of art they could think of – from drawing to dance and drama, and from sculpture to photography.  They decided that art is: any form of expressing yourself creatively.

They then talked about what would make a good arts workshop and turned that into a list of criteria that they could judge each application against.

They had 7 applications to consider – covering a wide range of art forms – and scored them out of 5 for each of the criteria.  Each application was then discussed and the scores added up.

And the winners are…….. to be revealed at a later date!!!


“It was fun and worthwhile.  I met new people and got to hear a variety of opinions.  It was good to have your say on what you want to see”

“It was fun to evaluate what workshops would be good for the library and in what format”

“Expressing your thoughts was great because you could share what your opinions are and it was interesting to look at different artists ideas”


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